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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Work - Urns from the September 2019 Saggar Firing

Here are available urns from the summer 2019 work, just out of the kiln.

Compare the three sizes:
Double/Companion, Regular/Individual, Small/Keepsake
New Individual SpiritKeeper Urns with Woven Lids: 
Horizon Mist Urn Fiery with Woven Lid

Riverstone Light with Woven Lid

Horizon Mist with Woven Lid

Dark Riverstone Woven Lid
Fiery Horizon Mist Woven Lid
Light Riverstone 
Tall Horizon Mist

More New Urns: 
Selection of Small Urns
Riverstone Individual Urn
And two Large Companion Urns: